How soon is now..
Because our lips wont last forever..
and that's exactly why. I'd rather live in dreams, I'd rather die.

Harry James Moody

Two men kissing in a photobooth in 1953.

Manhattan Chinatown

"Everybody said, ‘Oh you must’ve been on drugs when you made those movies.’ No! We weren’t on drugs when we made them. I was on on drugs when I thought them up and I was on drugs when we showed them, but I was never on drugs when we made them, because it was too hard.” 
- John Waters

Waters’ new book is called Carsick. It chronicles his hitchhiking journey across the country. 
Photo by Richard Burbridge, 2008 

You and Science : Science for better living (1955)

In the Greenhouse: A Towering Figure Enclosed Within a Glass Greenhouse by Susanne Ussing

Hannes Bok